When Real Life Takes Over…well the kids do!

I haven’t written anything on this blog for far too long.  My intentions were to keep it ticking over with posts on so many different spiritual levels and then life got in the way!  So I shall try and update where I can, but if you are a therapist and would like a link to your blog or site, please contact me and write me a few words about what you do, your services, etc and I will do my best to add you at some stage if you link back to this blog from your own.

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Quantum K – an outstanding experience in Personal Development and Healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit

I discovered Quantum K in 2008 just as it had been originally published.  It was quite a phenomenal experience at the time and everyone I have recommended it has had their own experience.

Quantum K is a 23 minute program using Quantum Physics and technology to make significant changes within your physical, mental and spiritual being.   So, find your headphone, read the screen, take part and see where this takes you.

Click Here for QK website



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Recommended Reading – Past Life Regression

If you are researching regression we recommend the following author, Brian Weiss – click on the book to be taken to Amazon

Past LIfe Regression

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Gardening and Planting by Moon Phase

Gardening by Moon Phase in another diverse way of growing your own food.  However, it does not mean you are expected to be outside gardening at night, well not unless you wish to.  Instead it’s about using the phase of the moon through it’s cycle.  Anyone who follows their star-signs, astrology and the zodiac may find this method of gardening, sowing and harvesting very interesting:

There are three moon phases for planting; waxing and waning also known as synodic, bio-dynamic, and sidereal.

Synodic is the simplest form using it’s 29 day cycle and breaks up the cycle into quarters, dividing the plants into categories, Root Crops, Foliage, Crops with seeds on the outside, and crops with seeds on the inside. Then it assigns plants to the phases of the moon which best suits there growing characteristics

Bio-dynamic is a method devised by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.  He used the 12 Zodiac signs as a method of position for more accurate planting.  We have written a short blog on this subject here.

Sidereal is similar to bio-dynamic, but only the moons orbit around the sun is used.  The orbit is divided up into 12 equal 30 degree sections to represent the position of the moon in the sky and this cycle completes in 27.3 days.

The images below are books well worth a read about Moon Phase gardening, click on the image to be taken to Amazon.

The gardeners at RHS Wisley have proved the benefits of the lunar effect under controlled research conditions. Increased yields of 20% – 30% are routinely touted. You won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to sow your carrots!. Country folk know that planning their work in harmony with the rhythms of the moon produces better crops. It’s that easy. They get higher yields and better flavour in vegetables. Flowers produce stronger displays and heightened colour. This guide computes everything you need to know about the daily influence of the moon and the planets in the garden. With its full 15-month daily calendar, it creates an essential timetable for the year ahead and fine means of self-discipline for keen gardeners.

Moon Gardening Calendar for 2014 in Wall Chart format (60cm x 42cm). Includes 36 page explanatory booklet. The calendar shows the best time to plant, sow, and harvest your produce using bio-dynamic principles. Shows Fruit, Leaf, Root and Flower periods, the Ascending/descending moon, and moon phases. Colourfully illustrated and printed on 100% recycled card-quality paper using organic inks. Fully recyclable.

As the earth’s neighbour, the moon affects not only ocean tides but also the growth and development of plants. In this finely illustrated, full-colour book – packed with practical tips for the novice as well as the advanced gardener – Peter Berg offers a clear summary of the basics of lunar and bio-dynamic gardening, together with in-depth sections on: activating and enlivening the soil; bio-dynamic preparations; making good compost; crop rotation and green manuring; cultivation work and care of the garden; practical plant protection; rich harvesting; saving your own seed. Building on the the intensive research of his mentor Maria Thun and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Berg explains how the subtle influences from the cosmos work on the plant world, distinguishing between ‘root’, ‘leaf’, ‘blossom’ and ‘fruit’ days in the working calendar. An understanding of such natural processes, in conjunction with the practical knowledge described in this book, can lead to productive, chemical-free gardening, with healthy plants and abundant harvests.


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Butter in your Coffee ?

I have just come across this article, so though I would share it.  Is this something you would do?




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Bio-dynamic Foods and their Uses

I came across bio-dynamic food growing many years ago and have only just come across it again after seeing a feature on a TV cookery programme.

Bio-dynamic food is about the spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition.   First developed in the 1920s by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) a highly trained scientist and philosopher.

In 1924, a group of farmers concerned about the future of agriculture requested Steiner’s help. Steiner responded with a lecture series on an ecological and sustainable approach to agriculture that increased soil fertility without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Steiner’s agricultural ideas promptly spread and were put to the test internationally and Biodynamic agriculture is now practiced in Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. [wiki]

A central aspect of biodynamics is that the farm as a whole is seen as an organism, and therefore should be a largely self-sustaining system, producing its own manure and animal feed. Plant or animal disease is seen as a symptom of problems in the whole organism. Steiner also suggested timing agricultural activities such as sowing, weeding, and harvesting to utilize the influences on plant growth of the moon and planets; and the application of natural materials prepared in specific ways to the soilcompost, and crops, with the intention of engaging non-physical beings and elemental forces. He encouraged his listeners to verify his suggestions empirically, as he had not yet done. [wiki]

If you would like to know more about Bio-dynamic gardening and food production below are links to some great books, click on them for amazon:

The above book – is the original biodynamic sowing and planting calendar, now in its 52nd year. This useful guide shows the optimum days for sowing, pruning and harvesting various plants and crops, as well as working with bees. It includes Thun’s unique insights, which go above and beyond the standard information presented in some other lunar calendars. It is presented in colour with clear symbols and explanations. The calendar includes a pullout wallchart that can be pinned up in a barn, shed or greenhouse as a handy quick reference.

The above book – Maria Thun, a pre-eminent expert in biodynamic cultivation methods – sometimes referred to as “premium organic” – has here compiled over 100 of her best gardening tips based on 50 years’ research. Find out: * how to produce abundant and tasty crops; * how special preparations can transform your soil and produce; * how the moon affects planting and growth; * the difference between ‘root’, ‘leaf’, ‘blossom’ and ‘fruit’ plants; * what the best storage methods are; and much more. Accompany the author on a journey through the seasons and discover lots of new tips and suggestions. There is a wealth of advice here for gardeners seeking to manage nature responsibly and successfully.

The above book – With these talks, Steiner created and launched ?biodynamic? farming?a form of agriculture that has come to be regarded as the best organically produced food. However, the agriculture Steiner speaks of here is much more than organic?it involves working with the cosmos, with the earth, and with spiritual beings. To facilitate this, Steiner prescribes specific ?preparations? for the soil, as well as other distinct methods born from his profound understanding of the material and spiritual worlds. He presents a comprehensive picture of the complex dynamic relationships at work in nature and gives basic indications of the practical measures needed to bring them into full play.

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