Soul Mates & Twin Flames

Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

I often hear people mention that their current partner, husband or wife is their soul mate, but what many people have never thought about is the same synchronicity between friends.
A Soul Mate is part of an overall group that you originally came from when you came into existence.  In your past lives you may have been related to each other in different ways, mother, father, sister, cousins, friends, your current children could have been your peers.  In what ever capacity you have chosen to incarnate for the human experience, you choose together to come back and support each other.  You also may leave other members of your Soul Group behind to watch over you and guide you on your path.
Not everyone returns to human form with their soul mate, and further more not all Soul Mates find each other again.  It all depend on what you need to learn from each other, what you are to learn from other people you encounter throughout your experience on earth and what you are to teach others.
The most popular phrase I have hear is, “I have found my soul mate”, meaning a physical, loving relationship, and these are probably the most common, but they are not always this way.  Despite you finishing off each other’s sentences, liking the same food, holidays, friends, etc, many relationships between soul mates can be painful and far from loving and others can be very distant.  Your soul mate could be living a “darker path” and perhaps needs you to help them see the light and vice versa.  You will learn so much from your soul mate relationships, some will be incredibly painful, others total bliss.
Therefore a Soul Mate can easily be a close friend whom you never have a sexual relationship with, but still love unconditionally.  The time may not be right for either soul to be together again, they may have to remain as friends to learn something from each other and come back in another lifetime to achieve the union.   I once met two people who had all the attributes of Soul Mates, everything fell into place, but the time wasn’t right, they were both married with children.  There was a huge sexual attraction, but they remained in control of themselves and rather than separating from their partners they worked through the lesson they had to face.  I learned many years later that they did eventually end up together when one of their partners ended the marriage.  Don’t get me wrong here, there was a lot of pain and discomfort, it was not an easy ride of either side knowing the love and synchronicity they had for their Soul Mate, but they had lessons to learn from someone else.  This is why finding your soul mate is not based on sexual attraction.  It’s all about the experience and the moment.
Twin Flames, Twin Souls, or Twin Rays
This is the ultimate union that all souls seek, to find their twin.
When the creation of your soul came about you were originally one, then split into two, and then joining a Soul Group.  The separation was to form the yin and yang balance of male and female energy.  No soul can survive without both.  It is said that the male energy is 60% masculine and 40% feminine and the female is reversed.  This can seem pretty daunting to most people, but if you can reach the balance within yourself and within your relationship it is a most wonderful and blissful feeling.   The twin flame is part of the divine trinity of three and you will re-connect back to Divine spirit.   The twin flame cannot exist in a co-dependent, ego-based relationship, they cannot live within jealousy, fear of losing one another, issues of separation and lack of love.  They must both be independent from each other and able to survive without each other successfully.  They will need to have had many experiences, and healed themselves of all that is negative within a relationship and helped to heal others, balance their energy and often face long periods of separation whilst they maintain the strength in themselves and in each other.  Before they can join they must solid as rocks in every part of their being.  Letting go of all insecurities, worries, fears, anger.  Once this period is completed then the two souls can look to integrate in unconditional love.
Not all twin souls will find each other and unite on earth.  In fact it’s very rare, but with the new energies and the higher levels of vibrations available more Souls are coming back together again to share in the ascension experience.  Before you go rushing off to build a “Twin Flame Detector” and offer you services of finding them, some twin flames may not even be on the earth plane at the same time, they could be in another reality or consciousness gaining further experience to bring back to the “one-ness” at a later time.
There is a deep psychic synchronicity to twin flames far bigger than Soul Mates.  They will know how the other feels at anytime, will finish sentences and share the same interests on many levels and feel they just belong to each other unconditionally as part of something far greater – once again without the need for a sexual relationship, but in true unconditional love.  There is no separation between them, they are each other, they are lost without each other.  Synchronicity is like Divine Spirit prodding you both to wake up and see each other for who you are – you will know if you have found your Twin Flame. Remember you have had many lifetimes together experiencing as much as possible and may have many more.  You will use the experiences you have learned and gained in helping others, especially in the Ascension.
Have You Met Yours Yet ?
I have been asked by  many people how would they know if they had met their Twin Flame, to which I have replied, “if you are asking me this, then you haven’t yet”.  The meeting of your Twin Flame will be so profound, so moving you will just “know”, you will feel both your heart chakras bursting out of your chest in deep love for them.  BUT, even though you may find each other it doesn’t mean you are have both evolved enough to pair up    The longing and desire to be with your Twin Soul is intense, but it is not to be confused in anyway with a desire to ”possess” or to be obsesses with you other half.  It is how you face the challenge of loving someone unconditionally.
So, there you have it.  This is obviously my opinion and interpretation given to me by spirit over several years.  As we evolve so the vibrations of Soul Mate and Twin Flame change, and these vibrations are also changing with the Ascension of Earth.
In Light, Love & Peace, Namaste
Carolyn x

About Editor

Reiki Grandmaster Teacher and Past Life Therapist based in North Devon
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18 Responses to Soul Mates & Twin Flames

  1. Alka says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    Thank you for writing this article. You are so right about twin souls and the mutual recognition. I did not know anything about twin souls until my path crossed with that of my twin soul. Yes, the experience is deeply profound and intense, the inner knowing is natural. There is no need to ask the question at all. Yes, the heart chakra expand and bursts with love and joy. Sometimes it felt like my heart was brsting out of my chest. There is very deep psychic connection at all levels of being. I know he is my twin flame but we are not together, perhaps one or both of us are not ready for the union.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Alka,
    Thank you for sharing your experience on my blog, that is very kind of you.
    You are right in your last sentence about one of you not being ready yet, we have so much to learn don’t we.
    Perhaps if you have some time to meditate and ask your other guides what you need to work on, or even help your twin flame with in this lifetime. Sometimes there are “things” you both need to work on.

    Thank you again for sharing, AND, do let me know how things evolve for you, it is wonderful to hear.
    Many blessings of light, love and peace,
    Carolyn xx

  3. zana4 says:

    I always believed in soul mates.. I am married and when I got married was in love. One day I met a guy at work..we worked briefly but the initial attraction was intense. If felt like dejavu. I haven’t been able to forget him and vice versa. I am married he is not. I feel his thoughts and it has never happened to me before. There has been heartache and confusion but we can’t seem to forget each other. I have guilt for feeling so intensely towards someone I briefly met. I believe we are twin souls. I feel him and can’t explain it. He’s tried contacting me but I have fear because the intensity is so strong I don’t know how I will react to the attraction. The moment I looked into his eyes it felt like I was looking at my soul. Never happened to me before not even with my husband. I believe we are meant to be together but there is a lot in our way and we are both struggling with that concept. I feel his energy and can see through his’s almost telepathic the way we communicate. I know it sounds wierd but its real. Any thoughts?

    • Carolyn says:

      Hi there, as I have said in my blog about Twin Flames just because you have an intense attraction to someone it does not mean they are a twin and it also does not mean you can be together in this lifetime.
      If there are so many obstacles are in your way then the time is not right for you to be together and you should look into fulfilling your path in this lifetime in a different way.
      Time will tell if you are meant to be together in this lifetime.
      The telepathy you have between is the same I have met with many other people who are empaths, sensitive or mediums.
      All I can advise is “be careful what you wish for”

    • zana4 says:

      What do you mean be careful what you wish for?

      • Carolyn says:

        Quite simply if you are wishing to be with this person, make sure it’s for all the right reasons.
        If you spend all your waking hours wishing and hoping firstly you could be wasting valuable time spent on your own journey, and secondly if you end up with this person what happens if it turns out to be not right, or not as you expected? Could have destroyed a wonderful relationship that was only meant to be this way in this lifetime. When we join with our twin flame it generally means that we will not be returning to a human experience again. It means we will move to a higher dimension and help others. Can you say that you are actually at this place in your journey as a soul? Have you learned everything and therefore do not need to return to a human experience again?
        As I have said twice now, just because you think you are twin flames does not mean you are meant to be together in this lifetime, so perhaps as I have suggested you use meditation and work with your higher self and/or angels, god, spirit, or whatever energy you feel comfortable with to work on your own journey, once you do this all other parts will fall into place where they are meant to be.

        Do not wish for everything at once, walk your path and see if it’s meant to be!
        Love and light

  4. tracy says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for posting your wisdom about twin souls. I believe I’ve met my twin soul. We are both married to other people, but that isn’t a problem. He is more like a father to me. When I touch or hug him, it feels completely different from hugging any other human being. I feel not like I’m touching a separate body, but that I could just sink right into him. Last night I sat beside him at a presentation. I was feeling down and depressed, but as soon as I sat down beside him I could feel his vibration and it was like being electrically recharged. I thought to myself, all of a sudden, I’m happy! Just like that! It was a powerful experience and there have been many more like that. I feel like we’re meant to stay with our partners, but that we must be here on Earth at this time for some reason that will become clearer in the future. In the meantime, I just feel happy to feel these amazing vibrations from a beautiful man.

    • Hi Tracy, how wonderful for you. I am so pleased to receive your comments and thank you for sharing this with us. I do feel that so many people are open to seeking out soul mates and twin flames now and that the extra energies of the earth are bring fabulous opportunities to learn from each other on our paths.
      I hope you can both share and learn from each other in this lifetime and I wish you love, light and peace
      Thank you, again
      Carolyn xx

  5. cecilia says:

    I know I have met my twin flame, the union at the beginning was unclear, I had “things that needed to be cleared up”, in the midst of chaos, my twin flame and I felt at peace. We have mirrored the unconditional love that just grows everyday, I feel that I’m home finally, making love sends us into a spiral, blissful, heavenly state. His look, his kiss, my look my kiss sends both of us into a different dimension. We feel a divine presence always. There is no neediness, if we’re apart, we know in our hearts that we’re together, and will see each other soon. It’s the most beautiful experience ever. We’re evolving spiritually, making discoveries together and alone as well, sharing what we’ve learned. We have been blessed, and are very grateful.

  6. mindy dozhier says:

    Pleas3e help me. i am in desperate need of a teacher.

    • Carolyn says:

      Hi Mindy,
      Thanks for your post, what sort of teacher do you mean?

      Can you explain what you are searching for?


  7. honey says:

    Hello carolyn,thank you for this blog. I just want to share my personal twinflame and soulmate experience.I am having a hard time at first distinguishing the difference between the two concept since the two person that came into my life i believed resembles the twinflame/ true soulmate connection. Ten years ago, I’ve met a man unexpectedly when I was mending a broken heart. The moment I met him and looked through his eyes, my heart leaped joyfully, and had instant magnetic attraction through him. That time I wasn’t aware of twinflame/soulmate connection, reincarnation ,karma, the 11:11, 111,22, phenomena not until my gradual spiritual awakening that begun three years ago. We are both born on the 11th day, we have the same body built, same color of eyes,hair, same size of hands and feet. We started to get to know each other, along the way, there was a thing that he gave me to me that caught me by surprise..he gave me something that I was really particularly drawn to ,before I met him. I asked myself,why does this man know what I want..Is this a sign? So I prayed,I asked my spirit guide that if he is the one, let another sign be given to me through a dream. Magically a sign appeared to me in a dream. I was so happy and decided to try it a shot. We got together on the 22th day. Things went smoothly between us until problem arose.My family and relative doesnt approve of him. I also noticed that as the relationship went,it was like i was seeing myself through him , my weaknesses, it was like mirroring..and I cant stand to see it through him. The chaos,my fears,made me decide to let him go, though it soulfully hurts and broke me. Before I left him,I made a pact that I will come back to him at the right time.
    I decided to move on. During my moving on time, I bumped with my high school classmate . He is a very wonderful guy. We started dating and eventually I fell in love also with him.I feel very comfortable being with him and we do complement each other.My weaknesses balances with his strength, and my strength balances with his weaknesses. After four years of being together we decided to get married. As we were preparing for our marrriage, my exbf unexpectedly popped up. I got confused, because the magnetic attraction between us was still there. I remembered my promise to him and my old feelings towarrds him came back.I was really torned between the two of them and I really did not know what to do. I asked again for signs, my spirit guide and the cosmos was really been kind to me on telling me who should I be with on this particular lifetime. Signs were telling me that my highschool mate was the one that I should be with. That time I have felt that maybe,me and my exbf were not yet fully ready for each other, that’s why the universe was telling me on what kind of relationship I am ready for right now. Everything happens for a reason . I truly believed on that. I am happily married now,but something that bothers me now is that my exbf penetrates me through my dreams, he was like sending me mesagges ,and hearing his voices in my dreams. I have confirmed it through other people what was he was telling me in my dreams actually did happen to him. Several months ago, I dreamt of him again, he was like tenderly touching my left forearm telling me that he still loves me. I woke up nearly in tears, it was like my dream was so real that my soul did felt him. Was it the so called mind telepathy? I also share some telepathy with my husband,but not as strong as with my exbf, it was like the cord that linked between us was not cut off. I never had contacted my ex to ask him about all of these for fear that he will deny it because I am already married. I also fear that having a platonic relationship with him wont work out because of the intensity of the pull and connection between us. Could it be possible that this man is my twinflame? and my husband is my true soulmate?..the one given to me to learn life lessons with so that one day when I perfected myself I am already ready to unite with my true twinflame. Ive done past life regression and the result was,my exbf was the one i shared my life during my first reincarnation but my husband was the one ive shared multiple lifetimes with thats why I felt very comfortable with him. I am just so lucky that both of them Ive found and met during this particular lifetime. Someday..maybe on another lifetime
    I will fullfill the pact and promise that I made to the one I believed to be my twinflame …because the soul never really forgets…but for the meantime I will enjoy and cherish the life that I have right now with my so called true soulmate.
    I’m sorry Ms. Carolyn for my long post. What is your insights and thoughts regarding these? Thank you and BLESSED Be..

  8. angel says:

    what if are a universal would you know if the man in your dreams is your twinflame?

  9. barok says:

    upon searching and searching the uniqueness and strange event that occurs in my life , i found several answers like, what is soul mates, twin souls and the cluster groups we have in are physical world.
    The signs of a twin flame matches in my event of meeting my twin was all dejavue,we never stopped exchanging stories , as if time is so short for all the stories we tell to one another, the journey we took since we are at the moment. We have the same pet names, we are in the same places in same years but we have not seen or met each other,we have same date of birth expect he is jan. 6 and mine is feb.6. we have same like on food and loves nature in short almost everything ,we are the same. just resently i had a stomach sickness and after a day he too experience the same.I know he is my twin soul.
    But…. he is married and as part of his work he goes places. Our first encounter was a burst of feelings, event was at our favor for us to unite and share all the experiences we had before our meeting.after 2 months of sharing , felling was so intense, even sexually and physic was strong too. time has to move and he has to go on travel ,still communication was intense, but as months goes and we have to grow and balance ourselves in this physical world. communication has space or gap compare on our fiirst 2 months . .Im consciously allowing myself to be independent and not to think too much of him by making myself normal and balance. Im not so sure if he too is aware of the space he is making in our relationship im just giving or following what i sense, by not trying to hold him or be possessive.AM i doing the right thing ?? thank god for giving me the wisdom to search for what twin flame is . .I Know everything im giving is the unconditional love , but is is not ready for us to unite. .thus , maybe i too have to grow in some aspect or fix some of my karma experiences.
    my question is , ???? is there any possibilities that we will unite and be together? I know im right by allowing him to distance unconsiously by reason of high demand on his work, but i know divine intervension is helping us to grow and balance everything what is now so we can be together after or will i say in the future in our physical world.
    Help me clarify this . .
    thanks again. .

  10. Yin says:

    When you meet your twin, you will just know they are your twin. There will be no doubt. If you question, they most assuredly are not your twin. And remember, twins often have obstacles to overcome. This is common and DOES NOT mean that this person is not your twin. Oftentimes they are married to other people when they meet. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT YOUR TWIN. And if someone tells you that, they are simply playing into societal rules for relationships. There are no rules when it comes to the twin flame. Only growth and love.

  11. cosmicgirl says:

    I also know i have met my twin flame… coz the first moment our eyes did connect, i felt a massive lighting bolt through my energy centres and as though the universe had spun off its axis for me… and the reason for that was that i felt as though i was seeing the mirror reflection of my soul in his eyes, i saw his soul and it was so familiar to me. I have only just met him for about 15 min working together in a busy place. but he quickly turned away at that moment, i feel that he felt something too, but doesnt want to acknowledge for some reason, he is blocking out something that he does not feel comfortable with. it was also overwhelming for me, but i think i am more ready than him for a relationship. The subsequent connection i had with him was mind boggling… and brief, and a constant inner voice keeps going ‘ what is happening here???’ i seem to lose control of events of how my energy field spins when he’s around me. I believe we are meant to walk a journey together in life but we are not together. It was incredible and unbearable brief connections for me, a bit much for me i dont know how to handle it, and since we are not brought together again and have not made effort to come together voluntarily. i am trying to forget it… but i cant seem to shake his energy off my mind and soul… i just keep feeling his energy. he does not seem accesible intimately nor interested. there is a passive energy surrouding the relationship area. so i am not pushing it. but its so hard to forget that kind of cosmic WOW factor connection that i felt and i keep wanting to recreate it. We also share a lot of similarities in terms of life path and visions and inclinations in life hence the mirror image i get. it was so instant the connection. nothing is happening…

  12. jmarie says:

    This has been one of the best articles that have helped. This article definitely helps me remember it’s not the timing but the lessons to be learned. None of the stuff makes sense but this helps clarify all the confusion I’ve felt from intense romantic moments but painful moments with this person as well.

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