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BEWARE of Online Petitions!!

ONLINE PETITIONS – Be careful what you are signing! I was made aware today on my face book wall of an online petition looking for supporters against a new directive to be put in place by the EU in 2011. … Continue reading

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I was on my facebook page the other day and one of my good friends shared an Ultravox song.  Reminiscing  about my early teens I went to have a look on Youtube and I found an Ultravox piece of music … Continue reading

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Parallel Universe or Realities

Are We Alone – Do Parallel Universes Exist? Scientists now believe that there may be many parallel universes. Imagine one where Napoleon kept Egypt from the British! The American Civil War never happened. Henry VIII lost his throne to the … Continue reading

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Masonic Symbolism

SOME DEEPER ASPECTS OF MASONIC SYMBOLISM BY BRO. AURTHUR EDWARD WAITE PART I THE subject which I am about to approach is one having certain obvious difficulties, because it is outside the usual horizon of Masonic literature, and requires, therefore, … Continue reading

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Alternative Genesis in Ancient Egypt

The Alternative Genesis of Egypt – Sun God Ra I often ask the question, “Why do some Egyptian Academic Literists try in every way to discredit an alternative view of Ancient Egyptian Symbology?”. Discussions are opened up and usually they … Continue reading

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