What is Hypnosis & Can It Help Me?

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. It is a perfectly natural occurring state between being fully awake and fully asleep and is an ideal state of mind for self help as it is usually accompanied by a state of total relaxation.  Have you ever driven home from work an not remembered the drive?  That’s the same state of altered awareness, you may not remember what has happened around you, but you were awake and in control.

Does Hypnosis work?
Yes and it is a very powerful tool in helping individuals achieving positive results in treating phobias, fears, negative thinking, regression to a past life and moving forward in a new positive frame of mind.Unfortunately, most people witness only stage hypnosis whereby an individual is dancing and behaving in a silly manner on stage in front of all their friends.   These people are doing this of their own accord, voluntarily as the mind will not, under ANY circumstances allow you to do anything you don’t want to!   So when you see someone doing the funky chicken, they are doing this because they want to!   Most volunteers on a stage are exhibitionists!

How Can Hypnosis Help Me?
Yes, some of the ways it can benefit anyone are:
~ Steps to achieving a goal
~ Unblocking current life negative influences
~ Unlocking current life traumasReleasing negative influences from a past life experience
~ Breaking old habits and phobias, for example smoking, eating, fear of flying
~ Relieve stress and worry
~ Improve self confidence
~ Improve motivation and energy
~ Works at a complimentary alternative to medical treatment

What Hypnosis is not
Hypnosis can help you, it is not a magic wand that a therapist will wave over you and all your situations/issues will be sorted out.  The biggest element to hypnosis is the desire from yourself to deal with improving your lifestyle.  Hypnosis is also not a replacement for any medical treatment.  If you believe you have a medical issue you must consult your GP first.   When you “want” to give something up or deal with any of the other situations in the list above, then it’s time to find a therapist to help.  Always remember that one visit isn’t enough, you may need to attend weekly or monthly for a while until you have mastered the techniques to achieving your goal.

How Do I find a Hypnotherapist?
Word of mouth is an excellent way of recommendation.  Ask around friend and family if they have visited anyone in your area.   Other sources are the internet and searches.   Hourly rates vary depending on where you are located and the treatment you are receiving.
My speciality is past life regression where I deal with influences from past life trauma, soul group work, in between lives experience, your current path and why you are here and forward time planning.
I can be contacted for a list of hypnotherapists and regression therapists worldwide at www.pastliferegression-uk.com

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